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The Hub

Human Resources for Entertainment Business

Thank you for coming to The Hub. Here you’ll find a select group of professionals who can help you with your music and your music business needs. Whether you need marketing and PR, merchandise, video production, radio promotion or even a vocal coach or make-up artist, The Hub has it.

As the founding member of The Hub, you’ll see the list of services that I can provide below.

Underneath that you’ll find The Hub service categories and a list of the members in each category. Each entry links to the member’s own site or a page that provides more information about him or her.

You can contact any member of The Hub directly or contact me for a referral or introduction to the other members. Once you decide to hire a member of The Hub, you’ll deal with him or her regarding the service to be provided and the cost.

The Hub’s mission is to provide access to experts you can trust to help you achieve your goals.

We look forward to being The Hub of your next project.

Seth Keller/SKM Artist Management

Services Provided by SKM:

Artist/Label Services Marketing/Publicity Event/Tour Management
  • Artist Management
  • Artist Consulting
  • Product Management
  • Website Building
  • Digital/Physical Sales
    Platform Set Up
  • Recording Session
  • Artist and Project A&R
  • Publicity (projects and tours)
  • Bio & Press Release
  • Marketing Plan
  • Non-Commercial/Internet
    Radio Promotion
  • Social Network
    Set Up & Consulting
  • Direct-to-Fan Marketing
  • Tour Management
  • Event Production
  • Talent Buying
    (public & private events)
  • Musician/Crew Hiring

Members & Categories
Events/Touring/Talent Buying • Film/TV/Video • Marketing • Merch
Music LibraryMusiciansPublicity/MediaPublishing Administration Radio Promotion RecordingStylistsVocal Instruction
Web/Print Design
Marketing Events/Touring/Talent Buying
  • J Inc.
    talent buying/tour management
Web/Print Design
  • aNt Designs
    web production & design/graphic design/
    print design
Recording Merch
Radio Promotion
Music Library
Vocal Instruction Publishing Administration